Handheld Diagnostic System for RXV & 2Five

by E-Z-GO
SKU 614400

The Handheld Diagnostic Unit is an excellent device that provides troubleshooting, tuning, programming and warranty retrieval applications for E-Z-GO Electric RXV & 2Five Vehicles. Accessing the diagnostic functions is simple through the 5-control navigational buttons which display the menu options. The menu interface also allows the user to enable the Freedom speed profiles and monitor various vehicle data; to include rounds played, mileage and drive time. This unit also has a vehicle recoginition feature that automatically syncs with the vehicle to provide menus and readings applicable to the vehicle (RXV or 2Five). The diagnostic device also provides the user with the ability to download new software when an older software version has been detected.

Please Note: This diagnostic system should ONLY be used on E-Z-GO Electric RXVand 2Five Vehicles with a Danaher Speed Controller.

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